Why You Shouldn’t Eat Web Hosting in Bed

Web HostingToo many new website owners are “eating Web hosting in bed.” What exactly do I mean by that? It means that you’re either thinking about your hosting, worrying about it or excited to keep checking the website. While it’s almost impossible to stop within the first week, the truth is that it won’t do you any good. Here are a few tips to keep yourself calm and night, and how to choose a good host so that you don’t have to worry.

Stop Checking Every Five Minutes

Everyone is going to go through that phase of checking their website, Google Analytics and other information every five minutes. Yes, it’s exciting at first when people finally start entering your website. But, checking it every five minutes isn’t going to help.

You need to get to a point where you only check on your website a few times a day. If this is particularly hard for you, then check the website once an hour when you are aware. Then start going down until you are only checking one to three times a day.

Good Uptime

Choose a host with good uptime. Many people worry about their hosting because the website frequently goes down or doesn’t work. Uptime refers to how often your website will be up. While 100% uptime is ideal, very few hosts offer this, and fewer can adequately provide that service.

If you want the best, then look for a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% or 99.999%. that extra 0.009% really does make a difference, believe it or not.

Fast Loading Speed

Another reason why people worry about their website is because it’s not loading quickly. A slow website is often considered down by your guests, and they might leave to visit or buy from one of your competitors. If this is on your mind, then it’s time to choose a host with fast loading speeds.

Most hosts aren’t very upfront about this, but you can often determine the loading speed by checking the type of server that you are on. Be sure that the host is using a modern server that has enough power for your needs. You might also want to consider upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting if your website is making enough money and you are really worried about this.

Do Something

If you really can’t stop worrying about your hosting and website at night, then maybe it’s time to do something. What are you really worried about? If you are worried about the host because you aren’t getting good service, then chance. It’s that easy. You aren’t tied down to the host. Most of them will give you a prorated refund when you leave.

If you’re worried about the website itself, then fix it. For example, update your content or offer better services. Keeping yourself up at night isn’t going to change anything. Only action will.


Many people eat Web hosting in bed and they can’t stop thinking about it. It’s time to break that cycle and get the sleep that you deserve. Choose a host with good uptime and loading speeds, only check on your website a few times a day and if there is a real problem, then fix it immediately.

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