An UnBiased Review Of iPage Hosting

There are many web hosting plans available with a few short clicks of a mouse. This can make choosing amongst the hundreds of plans difficult and even tedious. Unlike other hosting plans, iPage makes searching for the right web hosting plan fast and easy.


Many other web hosts begin by charging a large fee for their hosting services. These services typically include a restricted amount of bandwidth, RAM and disc space. These three features are vital to web hosting. Without them, data wouldn’t be stored, transferred or received. Many unsuspecting clients think they need to pay large fees in order to have their websites hosted and their needs accommodated.

Secondly, if the client already has a website being hosted with another company, some companies will charge the client to transfer the website. In addition to host transfer fees, there are usually hidden fees associated with many packages. Many hosting companies charge introductory rates for the first six months or so of service as an enticement, and then raise the monthly fee.

iPage plans

What may have begun as an affordable hosting solution turns into one that is costly. Furthermore, clients typically must sign a contract with the hosting company locking them into at least one year of service. Some hosting companies go as far as charging for support and security. This entails anything beyond the basics.

Other web hosting companies charge to host additional domains, and then charge another fee for the domain names themselves. Also, many companies restrict the number of e-mail accounts associated with each plan and domain. If a client needs to add additional e-mail accounts they must switch plans and pay an even larger monthly fee just to have their growing needs accommodated. This isn’t so with iPage.

There are plenty of iPage reviews on the internet. These reviews are designed to give potential clients an in depth look at what iPage hosting can do for them. To begin with, iPage charges a low monthly fee for services and is up front about what their hosting services include. Each plan is designed to accommodate the different needs of individual clients, whether they are hosting a single website or multiple domains for a business.


With iPage, hosting space is unlimited as is data transfer. There are no hidden fees if a website uses more bandwidth today and less tomorrow. Clients receive a free domain and furthermore, have the ability to host unlimited domains. Transferring a domain from another hosting company isn’t a problem as iPage makes it fast and easy and it’s free.


Another feature included in many iPage reviews is the ease of sending and receiving e-mail. Each client gets an unlimited amount of e-mail addresses at their free domain name. Web mail, e-mail forwarding, auto responders, customizable spam filters and virus checking are all included in the package without any hidden fees.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided around the clock either online or by telephone. In addition, e-mail and chat support are also provided. The cost of support is already included in the plan. Customer support is essential because an issue with a website can arise at any time and can be detrimental to profits.

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