An Overview Of iPage Hosting

ipage hosting reviewHosting from iPage includes many beneficial features. Features such as design, marketing, security and support are essential for every website. First, a website must be user friendly and attract a high amount of traffic. Secondly, securing data and customer information such as credit card numbers and personal information is a must. Lastly, when a problem arises, there must be adequate support available to keep the website running smoothly and avoid the risk of losing valuable traffic.

A design suite is included in an iPage hosting package. Clients are not charged for this feature. Basically, iPage gives a $50 feature away for free. A template based web builder is part of the design suite. The templates are easy to use and make creating a website simple. Also included in the design suite are blogging tools. These tools help clients create a blog and post it directly on their sites. A photo gallery, online store and Google webmaster tools are also part of this feature. Secure FTP is included which makes transferring files safe and secure.

Hosting from iPage includes a marketing suite with a $275 value. This feature is free to all clients at iPage and includes several credits. Marketing is essential for creating a high amount of website traffic. Traffic is needed to sell products and services online. A $75 Google AdWords credit, a $25 Yahoo!/Bing credit, and a $50 Facebook credit are only a few of the benefits included. Also, clients can list their business for free at Rounding out the marketing suite is site analytics software and a website authentication seal which can be posted on all clients’ websites.

A $100 value security suite is part of every client’s package at iPage. Every website needs to be secure to prevent hackers from stealing financial information, data and other information. Included in the security suite are a daily malware and spam scan and constant network scanning. This keeps viruses and other harmful issues at bay. In addition to these features, each client receives business verification and a display certificate for their site. Each server is housed in a highly secure data center which is an important step in keeping a website running securely and without glitches.

Lastly, is the support suite. The support suite is valued at $50 and is free to all clients. The iPage support suite has received a consumer ranking award which basically means that consumers are happy with the support they receive from this hosting company. If a hosting issue does occur, a client can access 24/7 support via chat, e-mail or phone. Typically, when a client phones in for support, their call is answered in less than two minutes. There are North American phone agents available to those calling in from that region of the world. Furthermore, there has been rigorous Q&A testing and there are a number of tutorials and help available online.

These four features are given to clients for free and are meant to enhance their websites and their hosting experience. Right now, these four suites are being offered at no extra charge for a limited amount of time only.

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