Why Not To Host Your Website With Free Hosting Providers

Free Web HostingThe first thing to consider when starting your first blog, is to choose the right blogging platform. Either you are choosing the free blogging site to host your blog, or you and signup blog web hosting plan and host the blog site at your own. Free blog hosting services was a big hit years ago, where people can signup as many blogs as they want, and publish them online. At the booming time, we have few free blogs running too. However, after months of working on free blogging sites, we were forced to abandon the blogs for few reasons. Here are the reason for free blogging site failure.

  1. Limitation in web design.
    You can choose from the provided web templates and nothing else.
  2. Limitation in content hosting and control.
    You can edit content up to certain limits extend, there is thing you can’t remove and have to display online. There is always account rules and usage guideline that you have to alert to and comply with.
  3. Annoying ads, rules, and accounts management.
    there is always advertisement ads placement to your site. Either at the website footer header or at the site content via popup links etc. And you can control what type of ads or how the ads are shown on your free web hosting site.
  4. Hackers and security risk
    Your free blogging site are extremely venerable and easy being hacked in. It happened and once the blogging provider security is compromised, all blogger info are at risk.
  5. Account suspension and termination risk.
    When you are posting sensitive content or in suitable content yourself or by your users, your site is suspended and gone. You account will be block and deleted, and no longer able to retrieve back the content.
  6. You don’t own the blog.
    Even if you pass the above issue and managed to run your free blogs successfully, you are not the owner of the blog. You doesn’t own the blog, you can sell it for money, and you isn’t the owner of the property! Haven’t you checked the TOS and usage guideline?

Those are the few reasons to step away from free blogging site and no longer blogging for other, blog for yourself instead. You can host your own blogging website, own the domain name, run the website the way you want it to be, and make some profit from the sites if you want, and possible for selling the site after few years for a big money. That are few reason why blogger turned professional and running own blogging site, and no longer host free with free blogging provider.

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