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ipage-vs-inmotioniPage and InMotion web hosting are designed for very different audiences. A simple characterization is the iPage is for personal website and small business owners who are getting started in hosting, while InMotion serves both those people starting small who know they’ll be growing both their knowledge and their websites and advanced web users who need more sophisticated tools, products, and service offerings. iPage vs. inMotion is a hard comparison…but we’ll focus more on the unlimited shared web hosting plans of each.

iPage vs. InMotion Hosting Options

The difference between what iPage is offering and what InMotion is offering is clear with a single glance at their respective home pages:

  • The iPage home page is filled up with many, many details about a single plan that is characterized as “quick and easy. No experience necessary,” as well as the sign “Create your site in 10 minutes.” Multiple instances of the words unlimited and free cover the rest of the page, as well as a group of awards that use the word best. It all boils down to a one-size-fits-all hosting plan for $4.25/month, which is announced to be 50% off. This is clearly shared web hosting being offered on this web hosting service.
  • The InMotion home page draws a striking contrast. Besides the name of the site, the characteristic contact information for phone and live chat, and the nearly mandatory upper and lower menus, there is only one row of five images, each with a limited title; in most cases, a price; and a button reading “Learn More.”  The five titles are:
  • Dedicated Servers
  • VPS Hosting
  • Business Class Hosting
  • Personal/Cheap Hosting
  • Custom Web Design

What is immediately noticeable is that the dedicated server plan is listed first, and that’s a plan for advanced, experienced users; that they’re not specializing their web hosting. inMotion seems to want to offer to a larger group and not specialize in one web hosting service like iPage.

iPage vs InMotion Features

When you put the list of iPage features beside the InMotion Max Value plan—the closest plan in price—the impression of different audiences continues. Many of iPages features are listed in sections labeled “Features for Geeks.” Here are some of the things both InMotion and iPage offer:

  • FrontPage Extensions that are compatible (2000-2003)
  • Shared SSL
  • additional subdomains
  • Email aliases
  • Email domain forwarding
  • Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live compatibility
  • Password-protected directories
  • PGP Encryption
  • Merchant Account availability
  • PHP
  • CGI-Bin
  • CGI-Library
  • Custom Cron Jobs
  • .htaccess support
  • Raw log files

InMotion provides cPanel Accelerated control panel, while iPage provides vDeck web hosting control panel.

iPage, however has “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth (although, each account has a usage stat for info on the control panel), while InMotion tells you that you have 200,000 MB (195.3125 GB) of disk space and 2000 MB (1.953125 GB) of bandwidth.

iPage vs. InMotion Help

Both web hosts provide 24/7 phone and Live Chat support. InMotion has a secure chat connection (signaled by the Green address, the lock, and the use of and https.). iPage chat is labeled McAfee Secure. In Consumer Rankings’ comparison of the two web hosts support, they called phone support 8 times, chatted with the host 4 times, and sent one email support request. Consumer Rankings found that the email response was “relevant and helpful” in both cases, but the InMotion response was in standard English and actually was relevant and helpful, while the iPages response seemed to be from a non-native speaker and was difficult to understand. The time it took for the response was 4 hours from iPage and 4.5 hours from InMotion.

My observations on chatting and phoning each web host were somewhat different. First, on both iPage and InMotion chat, I received incorrect information about the hosting programs. On iPage, phone support confirmed that they run PHP 5.2.12 and PHP 4.4.9 and that you can toggle between. They are updated quarterly. On InMotion, I was told that the only choice was PHP 5 and that the version was 5.2.16.

iPage vs. InMotion Reliability

All the rest of iPage vs. inMotion Hosting doesn’t matter if your website isn’t available. iPage and inMotion both have good uptime stats.

Summarizing iPage vs. InMotion

iPage and inMotion have very different business models. If you’re looking for the specialist in shared web hosting who isn’t trying to be all things to all people – go with iPage – it’s only $2 per month.

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