iPage vs Hostgator

Do you feel hard to decide whether to choose iPage Hosting or Hostgator Hosting? Yes indeed, because the both companies got tons of positive & negative reviews. You don’t know if they’re really that good or bad because no personal experience with them. So what’s the truth?

iPage plans

Hostgator is a successful and probably the most successful hosting company, the Hostgator is running the largest reseller hosting program. Because of the advertisement & promotion from resellers, the Hostgator business got fast increasing among all competitors. At the begining, hostgator is well known as standard cpanel linux hosting provider with shared, vps and dedicated server solutions. In the last year, windows Plesk hosting is also launched with hostgator. The windows hosting service is also following the industry standards with outstanding offers.

Back to iPage, it’s most well know for it’s single hosting solution where we get every support for linux hosting. The advantage with iPage is they put every support under the same hosting control panel – Vdeck. Because there’s only a single hosting plan from iPage, they set very loose user policy. Means if our websites go over the limit from other regular hosting providers it’s still safe. Unless we’re generating very large traffic and caused server down, we can always take less than 2 bucks per month service advantages.

iPage Green Hosting

Green hosting always attract more hits because of earth caring. When people host their website with a green hosting provider, means the traditional hosting service lost a business opportunity. If thousands of people consider the “green” as important feature then it will force every service provider to become green. So how about iPage? Is iPage green hosting provider?

The answer is yes. The iPage server is located in one of the largest datacenters of US, the spotlight of the datacenter is the green feature, it’s powered by 100% wind energy with zero carbon foot print to environment. Because of the big size datacenter, it’s powered by several e-streams so the power supply is ensured 24x7x365. Till present there’s no power outage issue with iPage service. it approved the datacenter’s powerful abilities in dealing with various essential online services.

If you’re looking for reliable green hosting with affordable service plan, ipage is definitely perfect choice.


To choose Hostgator or iPage all depends your preference to control panel software and website size. If you’re cpanel fans then Hostgator is definitely the perfect choice. Also there’s upgrade plans available from HG, no matter if you need VPS or dedicated server, all ready! Does that mean HG is better than iPage? Well, that really depends, if you have relatively 10x high traffic site and not ready to go with a VPS, iPage would be perfect choice because you can take more server resources from shared plan. Comparing to HG hosting, we need to pay more than 5x times for regular hosting.

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