iPage vs Bluehost

bluehost-vs-ipageiPage and Bluehost are both top hosting providers. They both offered outstanding hosting features and great price. Also their website are ranked pretty high from search engines so visitors might feel hard to choose from. We did a quick research and find out these features and facts from both web-hosting. Here’s a basic comparison between the two best webhosts in current market.

iPage vs Bluehost Comparison

Hosting features — Both ipage and bluehost offer free domain registration and unlimited domain hosting, the general offers are exactly the same.

Control panel — iPage hosting is configured under Vdeck control panel while Bluehost is fully cpanel integrated.

Pricing — iPage hosting is as cheap as $1.99/mo while the bluehost promotional price is $3.95/mo (original price is $6.95/mo)

But is there any other difference? There might be many before year 2011 but nothing now! Why? Because ipage and bluehost are currently managed by the same group! Who? Endurance Group is the name. There might be some minor difference in their service layouts but they’re completely the same stuff in fact.

Basically, to choose bluehost or iPage all depends your preference. For example if you have used to cPanel then bluehost is better choice. But if you would like to save more money and take the search engine credits then iPage is definitely better choice since they can offer over $450 free bonus per hosting account!

Another advantage with iPage Hosting is if you have an existing account and would like to open another one, they can offer us $1.99/mo special price! No other hosting could give out such great offer if you have searched around.

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