iPage vDeck Reviews

iPage vDeck control panel is user-friendly. This shared web hosting uses the latest software and hardware. And this iPage vDeck control panel includes the most features and possibly best tool webmasters can ever dream for. In certain area, it is better (compare to cPanel) and we never encounter any error bugs and this is a very stable platform. From what we see, the interface is well managed and extremely user-friendly. Performance wise is excellent and well optimized for faster website loading too.

iPage vDeck

iPage vDeck hosting is really that good, highly popular and preferred by million of domains. Their web hosting service is made famous with this vDeck control panel and million of websites chosen to host here and webmaster are using this tool without difficulties. There is no cPanel control panel or other server platform option to switch to, they only have vDeck and come as standard. From our iPage review, we are rating this user-friendly site management tool with a score of 9.5.

iPage SimpleScripts installer is with even more free apps. Before this, they are using InstallCentral and later upgrading to the best SimpleScripts. This one click installer tool is obviously more powerful and have more to offer. On the beginning it comes with eighty scripts to install, later it have more to choose from. This iPage SimpleScripts is the best of the world and there is no other website apps can be better than this one.

iPage SimpleScripts

From this iPage Simplescripts, we get nearly 100 open source scripts and we can choose to install it anytime. For our testing, we have installed few famous Content Management Software (CMS) in our hosting account. Click the link below to view the real running site.

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