iPage – Scam or Reliable Hosting Service?

Does iPage really suck? Good question! Always search the negative phrase about a service before paying out. If you have been interested with iPage hosting but not sure if it’s worthy of the money, I would like to tell the truth via over 5 years’ experience in web-hosting!

iPage plans

If you search the term “ipage sucks” or “ipage scam” or similar terms you will find lots of articles with both negative and positive experience. Which one can we trust? It’s absolutely hard to follow for new users. I would suggest evaluate in following terms to make sure you get the right one.

Check about the business size – It would be the perfect method to understand a service. Generally speaking, if you see lots of customer reviews/feedbacks about it, then this company is absolutely running a big business. In this term, it’s common to see both negative and positive writings since they can’t satisfy every clients but have a 98% client satisfaction ratio.

Check with hosting support – It’s not meant to ask if they’re good or not directly. We might ask some technical or customer service related questions and see how they will respond. If they always replay slowly in less quality answers, we should go away at the first place.

Check with the service real user – Always check with the real service user and learn about their experience. How to find such people? There’s always a testimonial section on hosting website and users will leave their website urls. Just contact the webmaster with your enquiry, they would be happy to share with their feelings.

So how about iPage? – If you have followed about to evaluate iPage hosting you might have understand the iPage is actually running a super huge business on the globe. Both happy and unhappy clients are being served with their low cost products. Just look at the price and hosting features, They are offering low cost hosting with 99% uptime guarantee. We don’t really have to complain much in case of a minor issue. The iPage support team is actually pretty smart with knowledgable skills in handling customer requests.

So i highly recommend iPage web hosting…

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