iPage Hosting Plans Reviewed

The iPage hosting plans review is a revealing look at what iPage hosting plans cover and include for $1.99 per month. Included in all hosting plans are core features, world-class technology, site add-ons and website management.

iPage plans

Each iPage hosting plan is designed around its core features. These core features include disc space, transfer and bandwidth, domains and MySQL databases. The amount of disc space, transfer and bandwidth is unlimited. This means there are no set limits with the latest iPage Coupon $1.99 plans allowing a website to grow and expand as needed. IPage does have terms and conditions in place to keep the services fair. This prevents one client from interfering or impacting another client’s hosting experience. IPage hosting plans are designed for small business and personal websites.

Transfer is the amount of data transferred to and from the server. Bandwidth is commonly referred to as the measurement of transfer. Each time a file is uploaded or downloaded from an account, the amount of space the file takes up is subtracted from the bandwidth allowance. This is also covered in the iPage terms and conditions. In addition, iPage provides their clients with both MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin interfaces. These are commonly used and very popular due to their speed and reliability. MySQL is an open source database system which is free and generally used for web and embedded database applications.


IPage may be one of the most affordable web hosting companies available on the web, but that hasn’t stopped them from supplying their clients with world-class technology. This technology is some of the best in the field and used by many industry leaders. Included in the technology is a web hosting control panel, enhanced security suite, 24/7 network monitoring, high performing load balancing servers, visitor statistics and site traffic reporting. Also included are error and access logs, a bandwidth and disc usage monitor, multiple gigabit and fiberoptic connections of diverse backbones, Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol, NetApp snapshot data backups, USB power backups and a diesel backup generator at both data center locations.

IPage provides many site add-ons. These apps are located in one convenient place and they are all free. Clients have access to InstallCentral by logging in to their accounts. From there, clients are free to browse among the selection of add-ons and choose which apps they’d like to install on their sites. IPage does the rest, including all installations and updates. A forum, photo gallery and blog are only a few of the applications available from the application installation center.

IPage website management includes many features for those that don’t have the time, resources, or want to manage their sites. IPage offers a host of design and professional tools tailored to creating easy to set up and manage websites, or a website of an intricate nature. Marketing and professional services make website design, attracting visitors and making conversions easy because these tools are designed to do those things for the client. Support, including backups and restoration, are also provided to keep data from being lost. Support tools are available at the click of a button. With iPage’s website management tools, tasks are easier to handle and are less time consuming.

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