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iPage is a most reliable brand in web hosting company since 1998. Our iPage coupon discount has been offering low cost and professional hosting service to personal website, medium to large size business website solutions. Till present, over 100,0000 websites are being served on iPage servers all over the world. With over 10 year’s experience in web hosting industry, the iPage team developed various products for clients to meet the up to date website hosting needs.

iPage plans

What kind of service does iPage offer?

ipage offers lots of products/service. Except for the most popular web hosting plans, ipage also designed exchange server hosting and reseller hosting etc. Recently, they launched go mobile service which is meant to serve the mobile business.

What kind of hosting control panel does iPage use?

iPage is pure linux hosting based but they’re not limited by any industry standards. Unlike the popular cpanel hosting providers, ipage use inhouse developed control panel software — Vdeck. Since from the software deployment, it’s been improved with live experience. Vdeck is currently used by over 50 hosting brands.

This control panel is designed with all popular service management like file manager, database management, domain registration and billing management etc. It’s designed to get everything under control via a simple interface. From the statistics, probably half of the total web hosting users are vdeck based.

What kind of guarantee from iPage hosting?

iPage provides honest 99% uptime guarantee for all hosting websites. Unlike many small companies who just offer this service as marketing term, the ipage uptime guarantee is based on their outstanding management technologies and advanced server  structures. While every other companies announce to introduce cloud computing system, it’s already setup and running stable from iPage system.

What’s featured from iPage?

Think about the low cost service and amount of offers, we might assume less quality service is expected. the ipage proudly approved itself to be outstanding and satisfy clients using the best customer support. At the meanwhile, ipage put their servers green gradually to support the environment. Although they never advertised to offer green hosting, they’re actually one of the top green hosting providers in web hosting industry.

Where is iPage located?

Here’re contact details of iPage company

2800 28th St Ste 205
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: +1 310 314 1608
Fax: +1 310 314 1610

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