iPage Dedicated Server Hosting Review

Many competing web hosting companies consider making a profit as their bottom line. They offer all the bells and whistles and charge a substantial fee each month for services. Dedicated servers, regarded as some of the fastest and most reliable servers available, are often the most costly as well. A dedicated server is spoken for by an individual client. Data cannot be shared, viewed, altered or stolen amongst dedicated server clients, lending to their secure reputations. Also, a dedicated server provides individual clients with a specified amount of bandwidth, RAM, and disc space, all needed for file transferring, uploads and downloads. This aspect alone is what makes a dedicate server reliable.


The iPage dedicated server hosting review is an in-depth look at iPage’s bottom line. IPage is dedicated to server hosting and makes customer experience their bottom line. IPage is a leader in the hosting industry due to the quality of product they provide. Furthermore, iPage has many partnerships with other industry leaders which allows them to secure deals and pass them on to their clients for free or through their cheap hosting plans. Google, Yahoo!, VeriSign and ShopSite are only a few of iPage’s partnerships.

Due to the fact that iPage is a leader in its industry, they are able to employ over 800 employees, serve clients in 150 countries, have 6 worldwide locations and establish 25 brands worldwide. To date, iPage serves over 1million websites and manages over 1.5 million domains. iPage has a wealth of experience in the hosting industry and is able to continually make upgrades and create new ways to serve their client’s needs when it comes to dedicated server hosting.

Each month iPage adds new features to their services. These features are designed to make using iPage’s hosting services easier and less time consuming. Many are user tested to ensure quality. IPage gets their ideas through surveys in which clients can list their wants and needs. iPage takes service a step further by providing control panel tools for website design and enhancements. Creating a new website or enhancing an old one is easy with a few simple clicks and a number of template designs to choose from. The control panel tools are made to be understood by beginners as well as offer everything those with more experience may need.

Dedicated servers have a reputation of being reliable and secure. iPage strives to live up to that reputation. iPage uses a specific system they refer to as a pool of servers. This allows the fastest server available to serve a client’s website. iPage uses this method because it allows for faster loading times, less interruptions and more redundancy.


This iPage dedicated server hosting review explores the way iPage creates a tailored experience for each client no matter their expertise. iPage is capable of hosting personal, small business, non-profit and social websites. Beginners can begin with an on-site tutorial and quick start guide. Experts and beginners can use the many site building tools, scripts and applications that are accommodating and easy to use.

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