How to Speed Up Slow Website

Is your website slow or not as fast as before? Here is the quick and simple tutorial to fix website speed problem and slow loading website.

Step 1: Identify type of problems and when it happened

fix-slow-websiteFirst thing to do is to spot the problem and get the most details on the event. When a website is running slow, it will perform at the same speed for long duration of time. It’s uncommon for the website to return to full speed and back to normal; if that is the case, we don’t have a problem at all. When a website is running slow, 99% of the time it will be slow like crap. When you spotted this event, do some testing and check the average website loading time and response time. Write down the time and date.

Step 2: Get technical support and asked them to fix it

With all the facts and details in hand, this is the best time to get technical support and get your website fixed. For our case, we choose to use iPage online LIVE chat support. Once connected to support personal, we provide the event time and date of when the website is acting slowly. They will investigate on the issue and try to repeat the problem. Once they are able to duplicate the issue, they will fix it on the spot. Their support team will check the server logs and reboot the process that cause the problem, or even contact the second level support to check on the server. The waiting time for this will range from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Here is our real life scenario and how we fixed our slow website

One of our site hosted with them is running slow today. While log in into our WordPress hosting account here, we notice that the website is running slower than usual, and sometime the webpage get loaded half way. We know something wrong with the server as time of speaking.

Shared web hosting can have huge traffic surge and went down during peak hour, this is the common problem that faced by most shared hosting environment. Some servers will face DDOS attacks etc and service can went down for hours. That is type of scenario that possible to happen. These are the few types of server downtime causes.

For our website downtime at this instant, we initiate online live chat with technical support. We are asked to fill in some information, including domain name, email address used to register hosting account, answer for security question, and so on. The support line is a little bit busy, but we manage to get through after 2 minutes waiting. Once we are connected, we inform them of the website slow issue and asking them to check on it. They check the website later and try to duplicate the issue and find out where went wrong.

Their support team is friendly and generously helping, we are glad. They look into the issue, took 3 minutes time for them to check on the website. They manage to duplicate the issue, they are experiencing slow website for my domain too. The slow website issue had been confirmed, and they create a support ticket for me, doesn’t even require me to do-it-myself.

The amazing thing is that, within 5 minutes after the live chat with support, the website is back to normal speed and running fine. We are impressed by iPage staff speed of work, and level of professionalism. You can try yourself by getting an iPage hosting today.

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