Have a Serious Online Business? Look at Dedicated Hosting

dedicated serverIf you are planning to set up a big Ecommerce store or an authority website with tons of content and features that will attract a large volume of visitors, forget hosting it on a shared server. What you need is a hosting set up that provides a huge amount of bandwidth, no downtime, with top of the line security and whose resources are exclusively available for you-in other words, you need a dedicated hosting server.

Even if you are currently on a shared hosting plan, but you’re anticipating to outgrow it in the near future, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server now, instead of your host taking down your site and asking you to shift the servers (yes, they can do it!).

So let’s see what dedicated hosting is and why it’s necessary if you are running a serious online business.

In a dedicated hosting environment, you lease an entire server and get to use all its resources without sharing it with other customers. Most web hosts offer bandwidths, measured as the rate of data transfer, in terabytes which is enough to handle huge volumes of traffic. Depending on your site and on the company you lease the dedicated server from, you may get all the support and service from them or you may have to do it yourself or hire a system admin.

So here’s why a dedicated hosting server totally makes sense for a high traffic website or for an account with a lot of domains:

Better Performance: A shared server doesn’t even come close to a dedicated one on performance. With all the server resources available solely to you, your site gets more disk space and bandwidth and will not get bogged down with increase in traffic.

Greater Security: Dedicated hosting will also offer much better security for your data. Unlike a shared server which is more vulnerable to hacking or spamming from outside elements or even from sites sharing the resources with you, a dedicated server will have more protective features to keep your site clean and running at all times.

Personalized Configuration: With a dedicated server, you also get to choose the operating systems most appropriate to your site as well as customized software and services to suit your site’s requirements.

The best hosting companies will guarantee more than a 99% uptime rate, which means your site will be online and accessible on the web almost all the time. So if you are in the market for a dedicated server, an excellent uptime rate should be the most important criteria for you. You should also check the reviews of various hosts to see what others are saying about them. While cost is usually a factor in choosing a web host, for a dedicated server, I’d suggest giving more priority to a company’s uptime rate and its technical support than what it charges for dedicated hosting.

A dedicated server enables you to manage a big site without worrying about exhausting the resources of your host. It may be more expensive than most other hosting packages, but if you are running a profitable site, dedicated hosting is totally worth the cost.

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