Get The Best Discount On iPage Hosting Plans

iPage-hosting-couponMany in search of a web hosting company often wonder how to find the best discount coupon on iPage hosting. This is easier than many realise by taking advantage of a coupon deal. There are iPage coupons available that save a user up to 60% on hosting. This means user pays only a few dollars per month in hosting fees. There are no long coupon codes to remember, simply click the link of the Banner and savings are instant.

Whether a user chooses to save 50% or 60% on a hosting plan, a number of features are included in addition to over $400 in marketing credits. Besides the free marketing credits, clients can take advantage of the free site building tools. These tools are easy to understand and just as easy to use. Simply drag and drop to build a unique and customizable site. Also, there are a range of website templates to choose from. This takes the complication out of designing a website which is perfect for first time site builders. In addition to web building tools, WordPress is easy to install and set up with one click. Now creating a blog that is better than the competitions is easy to do. There are multiple tools available for blog enhancements and updates as well.

Clients who have asked how to find the best discount on iPage hosting have found the answer lies in an affordable web hosting package that comes with accommodating industry leading tools. A few of these tools include the free e-commerce system and Google webmaster tools. The e-commerce system allows user to freely and easily integrate Paypal on their sites and add a shopping cart at no extra cost to them. Google webmaster tools make tracking and analyzing website data an easy task. This data can be used to track how much traffic the website is generating and which features are or are not working for them.

Many user who take advantage of a discount web hosting package from iPage receive benefits in the form of scalability and an increase in web presence. Users running a personal or small business website have room to grow. As a business expands, an unlimited amount of domains can be added as well as e-mail addresses for that domain. Also, using more bandwidth and disc space isn’t an issue. Credit card processing is made easy through Paypal and iPayments services and all transactions are kept secure with iPage’s use of SSL certificates. iPage even gives its users access to over 1.5 million products that can be sold on their websites.

A User can easily increase their web presence by taking advantage of the many tools and marketing services available through iPage and many of them are free. iPage also offers free trials to different programs, one of which helps Users build opt-in lists and create announcements, e-newsletters and promotions. Furthermore, iPage has representatives standing by 24/7 to offer help and support, whether a user is designing their first website or needs a little help making it grow.

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