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Why Not To Host Your Website With Free Hosting Providers

Free Web HostingThe first thing to consider when starting your first blog, is to choose the right blogging platform. Either you are choosing the free blogging site to host your blog, or you and signup blog web hosting plan and host the blog site at your own. Free blog hosting services was a big hit years ago, where people can signup as many blogs as they want, and publish them online. At the booming time, we have few free blogs running too. However, after months of working on free blogging sites, we were forced to abandon the blogs for few reasons. Here are the reason for free blogging site failure.

  1. Limitation in web design.
    You can choose from the provided web templates and nothing else.
  2. Limitation in content hosting and control.
    You can edit content up to certain limits extend, there is thing you can’t remove and have to display online. There is always account rules and usage guideline that you have to alert to and comply with.
  3. Annoying ads, rules, and accounts management.
    there is always advertisement ads placement to your site. Either at the website footer header or at the site content via popup links etc. And you can control what type of ads or how the ads are shown on your free web hosting site.
  4. Hackers and security risk
    Your free blogging site are extremely venerable and easy being hacked in. It happened and once the blogging provider security is compromised, all blogger info are at risk.
  5. Account suspension and termination risk.
    When you are posting sensitive content or in suitable content yourself or by your users, your site is suspended and gone. You account will be block and deleted, and no longer able to retrieve back the content.
  6. You don’t own the blog.
    Even if you pass the above issue and managed to run your free blogs successfully, you are not the owner of the blog. You doesn’t own the blog, you can sell it for money, and you isn’t the owner of the property! Haven’t you checked the TOS and usage guideline?

Those are the few reasons to step away from free blogging site and no longer blogging for other, blog for yourself instead. You can host your own blogging website, own the domain name, run the website the way you want it to be, and make some profit from the sites if you want, and possible for selling the site after few years for a big money. That are few reason why blogger turned professional and running own blogging site, and no longer host free with free blogging provider.

How much does it cost to have 100% own blog? The cost is just $1.99 per month when you choose iPage hosting plan. No matter you host one or ten sites, it always the one time cost to pay and nothing else. iPage web hosting plan offering great web hosting plan for blogging websites, hosting with them is easy and great. They provides WordPress blog, b2evolution, nucleus and many other free blogging software for you to install at your hosting plan and run your own blog websites online! This is one great blog web hosting plan, and we are recommending this iPage blog hosting too.

How To Choose A Hosting Company

ipage hostingYour website is your gateway to the world. People will access your services and/or products through your website. Now, just imagine that your gateway is rendered immovable for a couple of days. How much of your business will be lost when your gateway is closed?

It is for this same reason that your hosting company must be beyond reproach. Your hosting company will inadvertently determine whether your website is successful or not. This is because hosting companies are directly responsible for the performance of all websites that they host including yours. You must therefore choose a hosting company with a lot of thought and care.

Here are a couple of tips on how to choose a hosting company:

1. The hosting company should have an efficient and highly responsive customer care team.

The World Wide Web is an extremely dynamic environment. This dynamism is at times translated into problems for your website. Your hosting company should sort out any issues with your website promptly and efficiently. This prompt and efficient service is only possible if the hosting company has a vibrant and highly responsive customer care team.

It is also advisable that the customer care team for the hosting company operates on a twenty four basis. This will prevent your website from being shut down for more hours than necessary if it incurs a problem during the wee hours of the night.

2. Try out the user interface for your hosting company and see if you can become conversant with it.

An easy to use interface is highly recommended because it helps you to make the most of the hosting service that you are being provided with. It will do this by helping you to navigate freely around the hosting interface.

Most hosting companies will offer you free web hosting trials. This is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with your hosting company’s client interface. You should take up the company’s hosting services if you find that you are comfortable with its interface.

3. Ensure that you know all fees and charges levied upon you by the hosting company.

This is very important. You might end up paying huge fees for charges you know little about if you do not seek proper clarification on all financial matters from your potential web hosting company.

You should ask for a full disclosure on all fees both past and present by your potential hosting company. You can also make it clear to the company that you are ready to take legal action in case of any future payments that currently remain undisclosed.

4. Ensure that your hosting company offers you enough storage space.

Storage space is important to any company intent on growing its business. This storage space is often offered to consumers on a premium basis. However, a limited amount of storage space is usually free on most web hosting companies.

You should therefore ask for clarification from you potential hosting company as to the storage space currently being offered to you. If more storage space is what you are looking for then it is best that you take up any packaged offer by your hosting company that offers you more space.

How to Speed Up Slow Website

Is your website slow or not as fast as before? Here is the quick and simple tutorial to fix website speed problem and slow loading website.

Step 1: Identify type of problems and when it happened

fix-slow-websiteFirst thing to do is to spot the problem and get the most details on the event. When a website is running slow, it will perform at the same speed for long duration of time. It’s uncommon for the website to return to full speed and back to normal; if that is the case, we don’t have a problem at all. When a website is running slow, 99% of the time it will be slow like crap. When you spotted this event, do some testing and check the average website loading time and response time. Write down the time and date.

Step 2: Get technical support and asked them to fix it

With all the facts and details in hand, this is the best time to get technical support and get your website fixed. For our case, we choose to use iPage online LIVE chat support. Once connected to support personal, we provide the event time and date of when the website is acting slowly. They will investigate on the issue and try to repeat the problem. Once they are able to duplicate the issue, they will fix it on the spot. Their support team will check the server logs and reboot the process that cause the problem, or even contact the second level support to check on the server. The waiting time for this will range from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Here is our real life scenario and how we fixed our slow website

One of our site hosted with them is running slow today. While log in into our WordPress hosting account here, we notice that the website is running slower than usual, and sometime the webpage get loaded half way. We know something wrong with the server as time of speaking.

Shared web hosting can have huge traffic surge and went down during peak hour, this is the common problem that faced by most shared hosting environment. Some servers will face DDOS attacks etc and service can went down for hours. That is type of scenario that possible to happen. These are the few types of server downtime causes.

For our website downtime at this instant, we initiate online live chat with technical support. We are asked to fill in some information, including domain name, email address used to register hosting account, answer for security question, and so on. The support line is a little bit busy, but we manage to get through after 2 minutes waiting. Once we are connected, we inform them of the website slow issue and asking them to check on it. They check the website later and try to duplicate the issue and find out where went wrong.

Their support team is friendly and generously helping, we are glad. They look into the issue, took 3 minutes time for them to check on the website. They manage to duplicate the issue, they are experiencing slow website for my domain too. The slow website issue had been confirmed, and they create a support ticket for me, doesn’t even require me to do-it-myself.

The amazing thing is that, within 5 minutes after the live chat with support, the website is back to normal speed and running fine. We are impressed by iPage staff speed of work, and level of professionalism. You can try yourself by getting an iPage hosting today.

iPage vs Hostgator

Do you feel hard to decide whether to choose iPage Hosting or Hostgator Hosting? Yes indeed, because the both companies got tons of positive & negative reviews. You don’t know if they’re really that good or bad because no personal experience with them. So what’s the truth?

iPage plans

Hostgator is a successful and probably the most successful hosting company, the Hostgator is running the largest reseller hosting program. Because of the advertisement & promotion from resellers, the Hostgator business got fast increasing among all competitors. At the begining, hostgator is well known as standard cpanel linux hosting provider with shared, vps and dedicated server solutions. In the last year, windows Plesk hosting is also launched with hostgator. The windows hosting service is also following the industry standards with outstanding offers.

Back to iPage, it’s most well know for it’s single hosting solution where we get every support for linux hosting. The advantage with iPage is they put every support under the same hosting control panel – Vdeck. Because there’s only a single hosting plan from iPage, they set very loose user policy. Means if our websites go over the limit from other regular hosting providers it’s still safe. Unless we’re generating very large traffic and caused server down, we can always take less than 2 bucks per month service advantages.

iPage Green Hosting

Green hosting always attract more hits because of earth caring. When people host their website with a green hosting provider, means the traditional hosting service lost a business opportunity. If thousands of people consider the “green” as important feature then it will force every service provider to become green. So how about iPage? Is iPage green hosting provider?

The answer is yes. The iPage server is located in one of the largest datacenters of US, the spotlight of the datacenter is the green feature, it’s powered by 100% wind energy with zero carbon foot print to environment. Because of the big size datacenter, it’s powered by several e-streams so the power supply is ensured 24x7x365. Till present there’s no power outage issue with iPage service. it approved the datacenter’s powerful abilities in dealing with various essential online services.

If you’re looking for reliable green hosting with affordable service plan, ipage is definitely perfect choice.


To choose Hostgator or iPage all depends your preference to control panel software and website size. If you’re cpanel fans then Hostgator is definitely the perfect choice. Also there’s upgrade plans available from HG, no matter if you need VPS or dedicated server, all ready! Does that mean HG is better than iPage? Well, that really depends, if you have relatively 10x high traffic site and not ready to go with a VPS, iPage would be perfect choice because you can take more server resources from shared plan. Comparing to HG hosting, we need to pay more than 5x times for regular hosting.

iPage vs Bluehost

bluehost-vs-ipageiPage and Bluehost are both top hosting providers. They both offered outstanding hosting features and great price. Also their website are ranked pretty high from search engines so visitors might feel hard to choose from. We did a quick research and find out these features and facts from both web-hosting. Here’s a basic comparison between the two best webhosts in current market.

iPage vs Bluehost Comparison

Hosting features — Both ipage and bluehost offer free domain registration and unlimited domain hosting, the general offers are exactly the same.

Control panel — iPage hosting is configured under Vdeck control panel while Bluehost is fully cpanel integrated.

Pricing — iPage hosting is as cheap as $1.99/mo while the bluehost promotional price is $3.95/mo (original price is $6.95/mo)

But is there any other difference? There might be many before year 2011 but nothing now! Why? Because ipage and bluehost are currently managed by the same group! Who? Endurance Group is the name. There might be some minor difference in their service layouts but they’re completely the same stuff in fact.

Basically, to choose bluehost or iPage all depends your preference. For example if you have used to cPanel then bluehost is better choice. But if you would like to save more money and take the search engine credits then iPage is definitely better choice since they can offer over $450 free bonus per hosting account!

Another advantage with iPage Hosting is if you have an existing account and would like to open another one, they can offer us $1.99/mo special price! No other hosting could give out such great offer if you have searched around.

iPage vs GoDaddy

godaddy-vs-ipageOne of the things that iPage Promo listed as our goal for this site was too matchup iPage web hosting versus other top web hosting providers. In today’s iPage review that is just what we are doing. Today’s topic is iPage vs GoDaddy. A lot of people have heard of GoDaddy because of all their advertising but do you really know who offers the best web hosting, iPage or GoDaddy? In this iPage vs GoDaddy review we are going to compare the one iPage web hosting plan to the three web hosting plans that GoDaddy offers. In addition to the GoDaddy vs iPage review, we are going to provide you with links to an iPage coupon and a GoDaddy promo to help save you some money.


Since this is a web hosting review site dedicated to iPage web hosting we have already discussed in most of the iPage features. But to make this iPage vs GoDaddy review easier to read we are going to list the key components of iPage web hosting. iPage web hosting has been around for a few years and is part of a network company that has some of the best web hosting companies under their belt. This is great for its users because of all the resources available to them. Resources that include unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited hosted domains, PHP, free domain name, free shopping cart software, free customer support, free website building software, and many more web hosting tools to help you have a successful website.


GoDaddy web hosting has been around long enough to be considered one of the top web hosting providers. Heck we have all seen those pretty ladies in their ads during the super bowls. But does that really make them one of the best web hosting providers? Not necessarily. Their features are good but GoDaddy is really known for their cheap domain names and SSL certificates. With that being said, we aren’t knocking GoDaddy web hosting at all it’s just their price is a little higher than iPage. There are three GoDaddy web hosting plans to choose from. Here are the details of them.

GoDaddy Economy

  • 10 GB of disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 100 email accounts
  • 10 MySQL databases
  • As low as $2.99 a month

GoDaddy Deluxe

  • 150 GB of disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 500 email accounts
  • 25 MySQL databases
  • As low as $4.99 a month

GoDaddy Ultimate

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • As low as $6.99 a month

So who is better? iPage or GoDaddy? Like iPage Promo said, GoDaddy is good for certain things but when you look at price and features, you get a ton more with iPage web hosting. For the same price that you pay for iPage you get about half the GoDaddy features. Plus, iPage provides you with a Full money back guarantee something that GoDaddy doesn’t.

iPage Hosting Plans Reviewed

The iPage hosting plans review is a revealing look at what iPage hosting plans cover and include for $1.99 per month. Included in all hosting plans are core features, world-class technology, site add-ons and website management.

iPage plans

Each iPage hosting plan is designed around its core features. These core features include disc space, transfer and bandwidth, domains and MySQL databases. The amount of disc space, transfer and bandwidth is unlimited. This means there are no set limits with the latest iPage Coupon $1.99 plans allowing a website to grow and expand as needed. IPage does have terms and conditions in place to keep the services fair. This prevents one client from interfering or impacting another client’s hosting experience. IPage hosting plans are designed for small business and personal websites.

Transfer is the amount of data transferred to and from the server. Bandwidth is commonly referred to as the measurement of transfer. Each time a file is uploaded or downloaded from an account, the amount of space the file takes up is subtracted from the bandwidth allowance. This is also covered in the iPage terms and conditions. In addition, iPage provides their clients with both MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin interfaces. These are commonly used and very popular due to their speed and reliability. MySQL is an open source database system which is free and generally used for web and embedded database applications.


IPage may be one of the most affordable web hosting companies available on the web, but that hasn’t stopped them from supplying their clients with world-class technology. This technology is some of the best in the field and used by many industry leaders. Included in the technology is a web hosting control panel, enhanced security suite, 24/7 network monitoring, high performing load balancing servers, visitor statistics and site traffic reporting. Also included are error and access logs, a bandwidth and disc usage monitor, multiple gigabit and fiberoptic connections of diverse backbones, Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol, NetApp snapshot data backups, USB power backups and a diesel backup generator at both data center locations.

IPage provides many site add-ons. These apps are located in one convenient place and they are all free. Clients have access to InstallCentral by logging in to their accounts. From there, clients are free to browse among the selection of add-ons and choose which apps they’d like to install on their sites. IPage does the rest, including all installations and updates. A forum, photo gallery and blog are only a few of the applications available from the application installation center.

IPage website management includes many features for those that don’t have the time, resources, or want to manage their sites. IPage offers a host of design and professional tools tailored to creating easy to set up and manage websites, or a website of an intricate nature. Marketing and professional services make website design, attracting visitors and making conversions easy because these tools are designed to do those things for the client. Support, including backups and restoration, are also provided to keep data from being lost. Support tools are available at the click of a button. With iPage’s website management tools, tasks are easier to handle and are less time consuming.

A Closer Look At WordPress Benefits

wordpressWordPress is undoubtedly the most popular blogging platform at the moment, mainly due to its ease of use and numerous benefits – as a matter of fact, millions of people all over the world use WordPress on a daily basis. In this review you will find out more about this platform: what makes it stand out from the crowd and how to install it via the cPanel.

Main Benefits

When it comes to WordPress, the ease of use along with the comprehensive and user-friendly interface are some of the advantages that should not be neglected. This blogging platform comes with a very intuitive interface that allows you to add pages, blog posts or images quickly and effortlessly. This offers you full control over the blog, and you do not have to wait for a website designer to fix your problem or change the blog layout every once in a while – you can do it all by yourself. Besides, the advanced mechanism behind WordPress makes it very time-effective as well!

Search engines (especially Google) are particularly fond of WordPress websites, because bloggers who use this platform upload fresh, high-quality, optimized content on a daily basis. In addition, WordPress used a code that is simple yet highly efficient, and each post and page has its own meta tag keywords, title and description. This aspect is extremely useful in terms of search engine optimization, as they help increasing website ranking.

The blog is already set up and ready to go – in other words, WordPress is like a turnkey blog where you can post articles right away. Blogging features are already built-in, and you can add even more if you desire. Besides, there are numerous plug-ins that come in handy for security reasons (and not only). You can make your blog more dynamic and more interactive with the click of a button!

Last, but certainly not least, another essential benefit of using WordPress is that it is either extremely cheap or completely free of charge, based on your needs and preferences. Actually, WordPress itself is free, but the themes usually come with a price tag (which is cheap anyway). In other words, you do not have to spend a little fortune on your blog, no matter if you want to use it for advertising purposes or just for sharing your thoughts with the world!

How To Install WordPress Via The cPanel

Installing this blogging platform via cPanel is actually very easy and it should not take more than a couple of minutes. Here are the steps you need to take in order to install it:

1. Go to cPanel and click “Fantastico Deluxe” or “Softaculous”.
You can easily access the cPanel by typing the following in the browser search bar: You will be asked to introduce the username and the password, which are usually provided by your host;

2. Click WordPress
Click “WordPress” at the sidebar in the left side of the application, then click “New Installation” and afterwards select the domain. As simple as that!

3. Enter The Login Information
After that, the next step is to enter the username and the password you want to login with – the username will be your admin nickname that will appear right under the post name, so make sure to choose a catchy username!

4. Install WordPress
The last step is to click the “Install WordPress” button and WordPress will be installed in a matter of minutes!


Web Hosting Trends You May Not Know Yet

Web Hosting TrendsIf you are looking into a web host or are considering what you need to stay up to date in the fast world wide web, then you might want to think about these web hosting trends you may not know yet. There are plenty of trends that are becoming more and more obvious as the web evolves ever quicker, and by keeping a few things in mind when considering a web host, you may be able to stay ahead of the game.

First and foremost, the demands for web hosts are becoming greater and greater. No longer does a user simply expect to have a host and blank text documents for coding — they expect content management systems that are able to produce beautiful and functional websites. Cordless design is the next big thing, and you should choose a web host provider that gives you as much customization as possible without overwhelming you with code and options. For example, it would be silly to select a web host provider that didn’t allow you to choose a content management system such as WordPress. WordPress can be quickly and easily installed with very little experience, and it provides a slick user experience that almost anyone can get the knack of quickly and easily.

If you have a design eye, you may want a web host who gives you as little restrictions as possible, that will allow you to really flow with your design. One of the hottest products, a software called Adobe Muse, recently hit the market. Muse allows designers to put together webpages that feature a vast array of interactivity while requiring very little code. If your web hosting provider can’t handle any of the features a powerful program like Muse provides, keep shopping for another web host.

You will also want to make sure that your web host is capable of hosting high bandwidth graphics and videos, as people increasingly move toward a more multimedia format world wide web. Keep in mind the steady growth of Google Fiber, one of the fastest web broad bands that will allow you an incredible amount of speed on your site. While you may not be able to build the fastest site now, it will be good to choose the right web host, and thus have the right infrastructure in place, when the time comes to upgrade. Make sure to look for a web host that offers easy troubleshooting regarding design of your site, and doesn’t just speak in code.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Web Hosting in Bed

Web HostingToo many new website owners are “eating Web hosting in bed.” What exactly do I mean by that? It means that you’re either thinking about your hosting, worrying about it or excited to keep checking the website. While it’s almost impossible to stop within the first week, the truth is that it won’t do you any good. Here are a few tips to keep yourself calm and night, and how to choose a good host so that you don’t have to worry.

Stop Checking Every Five Minutes

Everyone is going to go through that phase of checking their website, Google Analytics and other information every five minutes. Yes, it’s exciting at first when people finally start entering your website. But, checking it every five minutes isn’t going to help.

You need to get to a point where you only check on your website a few times a day. If this is particularly hard for you, then check the website once an hour when you are aware. Then start going down until you are only checking one to three times a day.

Good Uptime

Choose a host with good uptime. Many people worry about their hosting because the website frequently goes down or doesn’t work. Uptime refers to how often your website will be up. While 100% uptime is ideal, very few hosts offer this, and fewer can adequately provide that service.

If you want the best, then look for a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% or 99.999%. that extra 0.009% really does make a difference, believe it or not.

Fast Loading Speed

Another reason why people worry about their website is because it’s not loading quickly. A slow website is often considered down by your guests, and they might leave to visit or buy from one of your competitors. If this is on your mind, then it’s time to choose a host with fast loading speeds.

Most hosts aren’t very upfront about this, but you can often determine the loading speed by checking the type of server that you are on. Be sure that the host is using a modern server that has enough power for your needs. You might also want to consider upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting if your website is making enough money and you are really worried about this.

Do Something

If you really can’t stop worrying about your hosting and website at night, then maybe it’s time to do something. What are you really worried about? If you are worried about the host because you aren’t getting good service, then chance. It’s that easy. You aren’t tied down to the host. Most of them will give you a prorated refund when you leave.

If you’re worried about the website itself, then fix it. For example, update your content or offer better services. Keeping yourself up at night isn’t going to change anything. Only action will.


Many people eat Web hosting in bed and they can’t stop thinking about it. It’s time to break that cycle and get the sleep that you deserve. Choose a host with good uptime and loading speeds, only check on your website a few times a day and if there is a real problem, then fix it immediately.