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How to Start Your Own Reseller Hosting Business

reseller hostingIf you have ever wondered about how to start your own reseller hosting business, then the tips that follow may prove to be rather useful and allow you to get some kind of a foothold in the industry. Setting up this type of business is very easy as there are a number of companies out there that can offer not only the hosting space, but run your billing and deal with technical enquiries with you focusing entirely on getting those sales.

To begin with, you do of course need a reseller hosting account and they are available from a number of hosting companies and all you need to do is sign up for an account and pay your money. The idea behind this type of business is that you pay for space and bandwidth with a company at a reduced rate and you can then host websites for various people and after you get a couple of sales you should, by rights, be in profit. This business does, therefore, follow basic business principles in that you buy low and sell high in order to make your money.

When you set up your account you are going to have a master control panel and this is where you can create various packages and set limits when it comes to space, bandwidth, databases, emails, and a whole host of other things that will then ultimately make the packages that you sell. The best thing to do is to look at what your supplier is doing and copy their packages, but of course you set your own price to make sure that you make some cash.

One thing you are going to need to have is a domain name and some companies will actually offer you a free domain name as part of their package. This just allows you to then have your own website and you will look like a fully professional hosting company even though your supplier, who is the original hosting company, does all of the work for you.

After your account has been set up and your website has gone live, it is then time to start getting clients and this is always going to be the hardest part of this particular type of business. The best thing to do is to focus on small businesses that are looking for a low cost option when it comes to having their website online and what you need to do is set up a small package, do some research to help you out with this, and then start marketing it to people that you believe will need your services at some point. This is a part that will require you to have a plan of action and to be willing to work at marketing your business, so do think ahead and know how you will tackle this part before signing up or you will just cost yourself money rather than earning it.

That is how to start your own reseller hosting business and it really does just take a couple of minutes to get your master account set up and work out what will be in your packages. The main jobs after the setting up period are of course to get your website designed, you can use a template, and market your business, but with so many people looking for hosting there is no reason to doubt that you will not get some clients as long as you put in the effort.