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Web Hosting Trends You May Not Know Yet

Web Hosting TrendsIf you are looking into a web host or are considering what you need to stay up to date in the fast world wide web, then you might want to think about these web hosting trends you may not know yet. There are plenty of trends that are becoming more and more obvious as the web evolves ever quicker, and by keeping a few things in mind when considering a web host, you may be able to stay ahead of the game.

First and foremost, the demands for web hosts are becoming greater and greater. No longer does a user simply expect to have a host and blank text documents for coding — they expect content management systems that are able to produce beautiful and functional websites. Cordless design is the next big thing, and you should choose a web host provider that gives you as much customization as possible without overwhelming you with code and options. For example, it would be silly to select a web host provider that didn’t allow you to choose a content management system such as WordPress. WordPress can be quickly and easily installed with very little experience, and it provides a slick user experience that almost anyone can get the knack of quickly and easily.

If you have a design eye, you may want a web host who gives you as little restrictions as possible, that will allow you to really flow with your design. One of the hottest products, a software called Adobe Muse, recently hit the market. Muse allows designers to put together webpages that feature a vast array of interactivity while requiring very little code. If your web hosting provider can’t handle any of the features a powerful program like Muse provides, keep shopping for another web host.

You will also want to make sure that your web host is capable of hosting high bandwidth graphics and videos, as people increasingly move toward a more multimedia format world wide web. Keep in mind the steady growth of Google Fiber, one of the fastest web broad bands that will allow you an incredible amount of speed on your site. While you may not be able to build the fastest site now, it will be good to choose the right web host, and thus have the right infrastructure in place, when the time comes to upgrade. Make sure to look for a web host that offers easy troubleshooting regarding design of your site, and doesn’t just speak in code.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Web Hosting in Bed

Web HostingToo many new website owners are “eating Web hosting in bed.” What exactly do I mean by that? It means that you’re either thinking about your hosting, worrying about it or excited to keep checking the website. While it’s almost impossible to stop within the first week, the truth is that it won’t do you any good. Here are a few tips to keep yourself calm and night, and how to choose a good host so that you don’t have to worry.

Stop Checking Every Five Minutes

Everyone is going to go through that phase of checking their website, Google Analytics and other information every five minutes. Yes, it’s exciting at first when people finally start entering your website. But, checking it every five minutes isn’t going to help.

You need to get to a point where you only check on your website a few times a day. If this is particularly hard for you, then check the website once an hour when you are aware. Then start going down until you are only checking one to three times a day.

Good Uptime

Choose a host with good uptime. Many people worry about their hosting because the website frequently goes down or doesn’t work. Uptime refers to how often your website will be up. While 100% uptime is ideal, very few hosts offer this, and fewer can adequately provide that service.

If you want the best, then look for a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% or 99.999%. that extra 0.009% really does make a difference, believe it or not.

Fast Loading Speed

Another reason why people worry about their website is because it’s not loading quickly. A slow website is often considered down by your guests, and they might leave to visit or buy from one of your competitors. If this is on your mind, then it’s time to choose a host with fast loading speeds.

Most hosts aren’t very upfront about this, but you can often determine the loading speed by checking the type of server that you are on. Be sure that the host is using a modern server that has enough power for your needs. You might also want to consider upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting if your website is making enough money and you are really worried about this.

Do Something

If you really can’t stop worrying about your hosting and website at night, then maybe it’s time to do something. What are you really worried about? If you are worried about the host because you aren’t getting good service, then chance. It’s that easy. You aren’t tied down to the host. Most of them will give you a prorated refund when you leave.

If you’re worried about the website itself, then fix it. For example, update your content or offer better services. Keeping yourself up at night isn’t going to change anything. Only action will.


Many people eat Web hosting in bed and they can’t stop thinking about it. It’s time to break that cycle and get the sleep that you deserve. Choose a host with good uptime and loading speeds, only check on your website a few times a day and if there is a real problem, then fix it immediately.

Have a Serious Online Business? Look at Dedicated Hosting

dedicated serverIf you are planning to set up a big Ecommerce store or an authority website with tons of content and features that will attract a large volume of visitors, forget hosting it on a shared server. What you need is a hosting set up that provides a huge amount of bandwidth, no downtime, with top of the line security and whose resources are exclusively available for you-in other words, you need a dedicated hosting server.

Even if you are currently on a shared hosting plan, but you’re anticipating to outgrow it in the near future, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server now, instead of your host taking down your site and asking you to shift the servers (yes, they can do it!).

So let’s see what dedicated hosting is and why it’s necessary if you are running a serious online business.

In a dedicated hosting environment, you lease an entire server and get to use all its resources without sharing it with other customers. Most web hosts offer bandwidths, measured as the rate of data transfer, in terabytes which is enough to handle huge volumes of traffic. Depending on your site and on the company you lease the dedicated server from, you may get all the support and service from them or you may have to do it yourself or hire a system admin.

So here’s why a dedicated hosting server totally makes sense for a high traffic website or for an account with a lot of domains:

Better Performance: A shared server doesn’t even come close to a dedicated one on performance. With all the server resources available solely to you, your site gets more disk space and bandwidth and will not get bogged down with increase in traffic.

Greater Security: Dedicated hosting will also offer much better security for your data. Unlike a shared server which is more vulnerable to hacking or spamming from outside elements or even from sites sharing the resources with you, a dedicated server will have more protective features to keep your site clean and running at all times.

Personalized Configuration: With a dedicated server, you also get to choose the operating systems most appropriate to your site as well as customized software and services to suit your site’s requirements.

The best hosting companies will guarantee more than a 99% uptime rate, which means your site will be online and accessible on the web almost all the time. So if you are in the market for a dedicated server, an excellent uptime rate should be the most important criteria for you. You should also check the reviews of various hosts to see what others are saying about them. While cost is usually a factor in choosing a web host, for a dedicated server, I’d suggest giving more priority to a company’s uptime rate and its technical support than what it charges for dedicated hosting.

A dedicated server enables you to manage a big site without worrying about exhausting the resources of your host. It may be more expensive than most other hosting packages, but if you are running a profitable site, dedicated hosting is totally worth the cost.

VPS Hosting Overview And When It Makes Sense

What-is-Virtual-Private-ServersMost of us have heard a lot about VPS hosting, but not many understand what it really means or why it is more expensive than shared hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In the context of web hosting, it is nothing but one physical server divided by software into several virtual servers, which gives its users the feel and some advantages of having their own independent web servers. This VPS hosting overview will give you an understanding of what VPS hosting is all about and whether it is for you or not.

Common Web Hosting Approaches

There are three commonly available web hosting approaches in the market, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

A shared hosting as we all know is a setup where many websites are run on a single server and share its resources. The VPS as we have just seen is a setup that runs several independent virtual servers on a single physical server. You have a dedicated server if the entire physical server and its resources is dedicated only to you. So what does it all really mean?

What Does This Mean?

Let me illustrate this with an easily understood analogy. Say, you want to rent a new accommodation in which you are planning to live for a long time. The cheapest option of course is a dormitory. An apartment will be much more expensive and renting an independent house is the most expensive and comfortable option.

Shared hosting is like the dormitory. It is cheap, you get a bed space and have a roof over your head. The flip side is that there are strict rules, you can’t have your own furniture, you can’t keep the lights on whole night, you can’t play loud music, and I am sure that we can think of many other disadvantages.

In shared hosting, the resources are controlled by the hosting provider, you have limitations on what you can install, on what you can do, how much resources you can consume, etc. A dormitory is usually managed and maintained by the owner, and with shared hosting you don’t have the headaches of managing the server or other things like backup and security. In a dormitory one inmate who misbehaves causes problems for everyone else. Similarly, in a shared hosting setup, one misbehaving website can cause problems for other sites hosted on the same server.

A VPS hosting is like renting an apartment. You have your own private space and you can furnish it the way you want. There are some rules, but not too much to bother you. While you are free to do anything within your apartment, there are common facilities that you have to share with other residents. In a VPS server, you have resources like CPU, memory and hard disk space allocated to you. You can run your own operating system, you have full control of your virtual server, you have root access, can install any software you want and restart the server at your discretion.

A dedicated server is like renting a house, you have complete freedom, you can use all the resources as if they are your own. You get all the benefits of a VPS, plus you have your own server, so you are not sharing resources with anyone.

Technical Characteristics & Pricing

Since a VPS is a partitioned server and you have full control of your partition and the resources allocated to you, you can do all the things as if you have a separate machine. You benefit from the enhanced privacy, security and speed that only a dedicated server can provide without paying for a full dedicated server.

VPS hosting can be managed or unmanaged. You have full control in either case, you can choose your operating system and which software to install on the server. Overall you get a more powerful hosting experience and the ability to run custom software. When it is managed VPS hosting, the provider takes care of installation, security, backups and other such issues. This is more suitable if you want to use VPS, but don’t have the technical knowledge to manage it.

Prices of VPS hosting depends upon the provider, the amount of resources allocated to you and whether it is managed or unmanaged. Prices could start from as low as $15 a month depending upon the package you opt for. Most providers allow you to quickly move form one package to another and thus you can do a quick upgrade and have more resources at your disposal.

Who Uses VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is getting increasingly popular and many web hosting providers are offering it. VPS hosting is necessary in the following situations:

  • Large amounts of traffic, which is slowing down your existing website.
  • You have data security concerns and you want to keep all your data private.
  • You have a website that is growing fast and can see high traffic growth, for example, forums and e-commerce stores.
  • You have specific software installation requirements, like a very specific server configuration or you require the installation of custom software.
  • You are not sure about how much resources you need for your hosting environment and you want the ability to quickly deploy additional resources.

What Is Cloud VPS Hosting?

With the advent of cloud computing, VPS hosting can be cloud based. In other words, instead of your website being hosted on a virtual partition of a physical server, it is hosted on a virtual partition of a cloud based server. Your virtual server can be transferred from one physical machine to another. You get the additional advantages of cloud based computing such as scalability beyond what is possible with physical servers, redundancy, zero down time, etc.

With this VPS hosting overview, you will hopefully have a better understanding of what VPS hosting is all about and how it is different from other hosting setups. You will also have a good idea about its usefulness for your requirements. If you are still not sure, go by this thumb-rule – For small blogs, forums and starting e-commerce stores, shared hosting is fine. When traffic increases and your website starts creaking and your provider starts grumbling, it is time to upgrade to VPS. When things are going really well and your site attracts enviable traffic, you can certainly afford a dedicated server. Just keep the dormitory example in mind.

Removing The Mystery From The cPanel

cpanelThe standard cPanel is one of the most popular website management programs in the world, but it can be a little bit daunting for newbie website owners. The truth is that the cPanel, just like any other program, is really quite straightforward to use once you get used to it. Having said that, there are features available that require a fairly in-depth knowledge of how websites work, of which more later.

Most of the best known web hosting companies use the cPanel to let their customers carry out what might be seen as background tasks, being the various tasks to get their website working the way they want.

You normally get into the cPanel by typing in your website address followed by cpanel, like so:


So, let’s have a look at some of the most widely used features of the cPanel. We’ll start with the section called Logs, which has nothing to do with timber. Everybody will want to know who is coming to look at their website, and this is the area where you can find that information. But first, you need to tell the cPanel you want it to log visits. You do this by clicking on Choose Log Programs.

You will now see your domain and subdomains (don’t worry, we’ll get to that next) listed. You then click each checkbox to select Awstats, Webalizer or both, and click Save Changes. That’s all there is to it.

You will not see your stats immediately, as it takes up to 48 hours for the stats programs to kick in. Once active, you can click on Latest Visitors (you can guess what that shows) and on the stats program/s you chose to see some nice info.


“What is a subdomain?”, I hear you ask. When you signed up for your hosting account, you most likely got “unlimited domains” included.

Let’s say is doing so well you want to create When you register this name, you don’t have to pay for another hosting account. You can use the “Domains” section in the standard cPanel to make a subdomain of, by clicking on (you’ll never guess!), the Subdomains option.

Just enter a name for your new subdomain. You can call it anything, but it’s best to name it “myotherwebsite” in our example. Once created, the cPanel adds a new folder called “myotherwebsite.” You place the pages for in this folder. When somebody types “” into the address bar, or clicks on a link to it, they will see’s index page. They will not know that is a subdomain of


The mail section of the cPanel lets you set up email accounts e.g., and you can access your Inbox or send mail using Webmail. The Mail section also offers various options to filter out spam. Be a little careful when setting filters, because you don’t want to reject good mail. You can also set up Forwarders and Auto responders for each email account.

Your cPanel options will include a section called Software/Services and another called Advanced. These are the features we mentioned at the start that require more than a little knowledge. If you are not a PHP or Perl programmer, then stay away from these.

Hopefully, our little article helps to remove some of the mystery from the Standard cPanel. Don’t be afraid to try out some of the options. The program is pretty robust, so you are not going to screw everything up unless you really try to.

Everything You Should Know About Joomla

Joomla LogoThe idea of this review of Joomla is to really let you know why this particular CMS program is the best out there. By using Joomla, you will be able to not only have a fantastic looking website, but also take advantage of a whole host of extensions that will mean your website is capable of doing all kinds of things and not merely be a way to supply information to your visitors.

One of the best things about Joomla is that the base package is entirely free and there are also some free templates out there for you to use that will just make your website look quite tidy and, more importantly, functional. Installing it can be done via the cPanel on your hosting account because all you need to do is to go to the section on your control panel that is named Fantastico and click on it. This will then open up another screen and you will find Joomla as one of the options that are available to you and it is simply a case of clicking on it and filling in the blanks when prompted to do so. This takes away all of the hassle of uploading files and it only takes a matter of minutes before your basic Joomla website is set up and ready for you to customize.

There are several reasons as to why Joomla is such a good CMS, but perhaps the main one is that anybody can learn how to use it and have a fantastic website even if they have no previous experience in designing a website. The reason for this is that even when you are installing extensions all you have to do is tick boxes to show the pages you want something to appear on and select the position where you want it to sit and it will work perfectly. There is no need to know about any coding as all of this is handled on your behalf and it is fair to say that you will be amazed at what you can do in a short period of time.

More has to be said about the extensions as they do form the core part of this CMS and they are a major reason as to why people use Joomla instead of other programs that are out there. Basically, you can get free extensions that will allow you to sell products on your site, link it up to Paypal, have message boards, directories, search facilities, sliding images, as well as playing videos and a number of other things that means your site can do virtually anything you want. Setting them up just involves you going to install and clicking on the file on your computer and you can then get to work on positioning it as you see fit resulting in your website looking exactly as you want it in just a matter of hours.

To conclude this short review it should be said that it is on of the best CMS program due to its simplicity, effectiveness that it is free, and anybody can use it even if you have never tried to build a website before. New extensions and plugins are being created on a regular basis and there are also some fantastic templates out there that are either free or cost very little, so if you want a quick website that looks fantastic, then consider Joomla as you will undoubtedly love what it is capable of doing.

What is a CMS?

content-management-systemsIf you are considering a new website, one of the considerations to make is CMS or HTML for your site. Depending on what you want to do, how you want the site to look, and what you are going to be doing on the site, each has its advantages. CMS (content management system) is a personal homepage application that allows you to create and to manage the site, via use of a admin style panel. With HTML, products like Dreamweaver or Frontpage would be required to manage the site or to edit. For this reason, CMS is far more user friendly, easy to use, and allows for easier personalized detail to your site.

Pros of CMS:

If you are considering CMS, there are many positives to choosing this as your editing choice; some of these pros are:

  • More organization that you see with HTML. By simply logging in to the admin panel, you can control and make adjustments to the page; you also decide where to put things on your admin page.
  • The ability to control the design of the page with cascade style sheets is another benefit HTML does not offer. You can create a different template, based on the type of site you want to create.
  • There are a variety of functionalities, allowing you to create add-ons to the page. From blogs, to shopping carts, a corporate page, and any other add-on you want to create, this gives a competitive advantage HTML does not offer.
  • SEO and Google friendly, for higher ranking, and with Google maps, higher local ranking in a competitive industry.
  • Many CMS providers offer you analytic information, and allow you to track your progress, see where you stand, and constantly find ways to make improvements to your site, when you want to modify, or see where you stand against the competition in your industry.

There are a couple cons to choose CMS for your site option. One is the fact that a bit of technical know-how is going to go a long way in creating a much better looking site. Although you do not have to be extra tech-savvy, the more you know, the better your site is going to come off. Another con is that you still should have some HTML knowledge and CSS (cascade style sheets) knowledge, in order to create a fully functional site, and the best looking site. Other than this, there are no major flaws or issues with choosing CMS.

The benefits greatly outweigh the cons when you choose to use CMS, over a traditional HTML site. It is of course going to depend on the site, content, and what you want to do, but you can run nearly any site, and create any type of content, through CMS. You can also include an HTML site on your CMS site, but not vice-versa, which is another added benefit to choosing content management systems, when you are designing, editing, and implementing your online site, and the content you will put on it.

Is Free Web Hosting a Good Option?

Free-Web-HostingFree hosting is a good option for individuals who are interested in establishing their presence on the web quickly and efficiently. However, using a free hosting service can be problematic for individuals that need a quality customer support. Furthermore it is difficult for people who get a lot of traffic to their site when they do not have a dedicated team of people making sure that the site is running properly. There are advantages for individuals who are trying to break into the online market and do not know a great deal about website development.

When a person is first putting up a website it is important that they have regular content updates. If a individual is committed to posting online on a regular basis they will find that their traffic increases. Proper search engine indexing is necessary for individuals who are concerned about reaching a large group of people in a short amount of time. Using a free hosting service is good in the beginning of having a website so that people do not have to invest money before their site is profitable.

Many free hosting companies also have basic tools available for individuals who are trying to put together a basic website. This is helpful for people that do not know a great deal about coding and Internet webpage construction procedure. The individual expects that they are going to have a lot of visits however they may want to upgrade to a paid service so that they can accommodate all of their visitors without having to worry about their website crashing.

People often will not return to a site if it is not easy to use. It is a good idea for individuals who are trying to establish their business to have a professional help them get their site up and running. People can also use a free website to promote live events and other upcoming social functions. Integrating a website with social media is also a good idea for individuals who are trying to maximize their visibility without spending a lot of money. When people are able to use social media to promote themselves it becomes easier to maximize visibility and answer potential client questions.

Choosing the right color is another important thing to do when putting together a website. When individuals are committed to finding a design that is visually appealing they will notice that people are more to visit their site on a consistent basis. Getting a free website indexed into search engines can be challenging if people do not know how to use search engine optimization techniques to promote their products or services. The most important thing for people to consider is updating their site on a regular basis so that they are able to take advantage of the various types of new publicity that having a website can create. Hiring a professional web designer can be important for people who have specific goals for their site. Taking a while to pre-plan a site is necessary in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Get The Best Discount On iPage Hosting Plans

iPage-hosting-couponMany in search of a web hosting company often wonder how to find the best discount coupon on iPage hosting. This is easier than many realise by taking advantage of a coupon deal. There are iPage coupons available that save a user up to 60% on hosting. This means user pays only a few dollars per month in hosting fees. There are no long coupon codes to remember, simply click the link of the Banner and savings are instant.

Whether a user chooses to save 50% or 60% on a hosting plan, a number of features are included in addition to over $400 in marketing credits. Besides the free marketing credits, clients can take advantage of the free site building tools. These tools are easy to understand and just as easy to use. Simply drag and drop to build a unique and customizable site. Also, there are a range of website templates to choose from. This takes the complication out of designing a website which is perfect for first time site builders. In addition to web building tools, WordPress is easy to install and set up with one click. Now creating a blog that is better than the competitions is easy to do. There are multiple tools available for blog enhancements and updates as well.

Clients who have asked how to find the best discount on iPage hosting have found the answer lies in an affordable web hosting package that comes with accommodating industry leading tools. A few of these tools include the free e-commerce system and Google webmaster tools. The e-commerce system allows user to freely and easily integrate Paypal on their sites and add a shopping cart at no extra cost to them. Google webmaster tools make tracking and analyzing website data an easy task. This data can be used to track how much traffic the website is generating and which features are or are not working for them.

Many user who take advantage of a discount web hosting package from iPage receive benefits in the form of scalability and an increase in web presence. Users running a personal or small business website have room to grow. As a business expands, an unlimited amount of domains can be added as well as e-mail addresses for that domain. Also, using more bandwidth and disc space isn’t an issue. Credit card processing is made easy through Paypal and iPayments services and all transactions are kept secure with iPage’s use of SSL certificates. iPage even gives its users access to over 1.5 million products that can be sold on their websites.

A User can easily increase their web presence by taking advantage of the many tools and marketing services available through iPage and many of them are free. iPage also offers free trials to different programs, one of which helps Users build opt-in lists and create announcements, e-newsletters and promotions. Furthermore, iPage has representatives standing by 24/7 to offer help and support, whether a user is designing their first website or needs a little help making it grow.

How to Start Your Own Reseller Hosting Business

reseller hostingIf you have ever wondered about how to start your own reseller hosting business, then the tips that follow may prove to be rather useful and allow you to get some kind of a foothold in the industry. Setting up this type of business is very easy as there are a number of companies out there that can offer not only the hosting space, but run your billing and deal with technical enquiries with you focusing entirely on getting those sales.

To begin with, you do of course need a reseller hosting account and they are available from a number of hosting companies and all you need to do is sign up for an account and pay your money. The idea behind this type of business is that you pay for space and bandwidth with a company at a reduced rate and you can then host websites for various people and after you get a couple of sales you should, by rights, be in profit. This business does, therefore, follow basic business principles in that you buy low and sell high in order to make your money.

When you set up your account you are going to have a master control panel and this is where you can create various packages and set limits when it comes to space, bandwidth, databases, emails, and a whole host of other things that will then ultimately make the packages that you sell. The best thing to do is to look at what your supplier is doing and copy their packages, but of course you set your own price to make sure that you make some cash.

One thing you are going to need to have is a domain name and some companies will actually offer you a free domain name as part of their package. This just allows you to then have your own website and you will look like a fully professional hosting company even though your supplier, who is the original hosting company, does all of the work for you.

After your account has been set up and your website has gone live, it is then time to start getting clients and this is always going to be the hardest part of this particular type of business. The best thing to do is to focus on small businesses that are looking for a low cost option when it comes to having their website online and what you need to do is set up a small package, do some research to help you out with this, and then start marketing it to people that you believe will need your services at some point. This is a part that will require you to have a plan of action and to be willing to work at marketing your business, so do think ahead and know how you will tackle this part before signing up or you will just cost yourself money rather than earning it.

That is how to start your own reseller hosting business and it really does just take a couple of minutes to get your master account set up and work out what will be in your packages. The main jobs after the setting up period are of course to get your website designed, you can use a template, and market your business, but with so many people looking for hosting there is no reason to doubt that you will not get some clients as long as you put in the effort.